Our success!..... is the social progress !

Provide cost effective e-solution to communities by improving their "Business scope and quality of life style"

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About Us

Yagiten has been consistently been in the forefront of delivering solutions for communities who have small size of financial transaction and usually ignored by companies who are looking for huge profit gain by putting huge investment. It focuses on the intersection of business and communities development and connects companies, organizations and professionals to the practical information they need to make an impact.

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Web Application Development

We design and develop competitive, goal-driven websites. Our services allow your ideas to look realistic which provides enhanced web presence.

Mobile Application Development

Being a promising mobile app development company, we develop robust yet interactive mobile applications for different platforms like iOS, Android.

Product Development Services

As a product development partner, Yagiten Pvt.Ltd. utilizes agile development methodology and delivers the cost benefits of a global services team while providing a domestic management and customer service team.

IT Services

It is important to have your own website, but it is more important to reach out to the right audience and be seen online. In current times there is information overload on anything that you want to find online.