Yagiten Pvt.Ltd.

Provide cost effective e-solution to communities by improving their "Business scope and quality of life style"

About us

Yagiten has been consistently been in the forefront of delivering solutions for communities who have small size of financial transaction and usually ignored by companies who are looking for huge profit gain by putting huge investment. It focuses on the intersection of business and communities development and connects companies, organizations and professionals to the practical information they need to make an impact.

  • Mission Statement :
  • - Provide cost effective e-solution to communities by improving their "Business scope and quality of life style"
  • Our Slogan :
  • - Our success!..... is the social progress!
  • Organization Overview :
  • - Pvt. Ltd. Company
    - Established in the year 2010 under the name of Yagiten Pvt. Ltd.
    - Development of IT Software Solution
    - Focus on IT industry R&D solution to small entrepreneur
    - Focus on horizontal system for small business and workflow management
    - Yagiten Pvt. Ltd. along with its partners has repository of trained software application developers. Data server and networks managers, technology based project researchers and facilitators.
  • We provide cost effective solutions that allow our users :
  • - Improve performance and efficiency through using internet based technology.
    - Link community development projects with small entrepreneur business.
    - To better manage their project and business.
    - Cost Control.
  • Alliances :
  • Yagiten has strong alliances with multidisciplinary organizations ranges from financial supporting agencies to product users.
  • - E-Network Research and Development (ENRD) - Nepal
  • - Nepal wireless Networking Pvt. Ltd - Nepal
  • - Global Development Network (GDN) - India
  • - Model Hospital - Nepal
  • - Patan Acadamy Health and Science (PAHS) - Nepal
  • - Internet Society (ISOC) - USA
  • - ISIF Asia - Australia
  • - New IT venture Inc. –Japan
  • - READ Nepal - Nepal
  • - VaxTrac Inc. - USA
  • - Hands for Hands for Health – Kathmandu, Nepal

Board Of Directors & Advisors

Management team consists of Board Of Directors

Investor relation, Director
Strategic Planning, Director

Board of Advisors

Our Team Members

Chief Production Manager (CPO)
Server and System Manager
Project manager (Software)
Android Developer
Software Developer
Account and Finance
Office assistance